For LA MER INTERIOR DESIGN Residential interior design is the art of creating conceptual, aesthetic and functional living spaces. LA MER INTERIOR DESIGN works with architects to ensure that physical features allow for the appropriate division of private versus public space and can also aesthetically divide or unify rooms through colors, textures, and patterns.
LA MER INTERIOR DESIGN collaborates with a wide variety of people, including developers, contractors, vendors, municipal officials, and property managers. Therefore, the ability to communicate and function as a team player is critical to LA MER INTERIOR DESIGN’S success.

Our mission is to bring beauty, comfort and safety to homes in a creative and affordable manner. We believe that our environments impact our health and happiness in immeasurable ways.

We listen!
We are responsive and always professional.
We provide a comfortable and transparent process.
We deliver award-winning design solutions.
We strive to exceed your expectations.

Intelligent, innovative, personalized, and luxurious are key attributes to every Design by LA MER INTERIOR DESIGN. Both modern and traditional designs start with our clients’ goals; their lifestyle, family, career, and all the many things that they love.